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Banish the darkness with your magic torch

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The crypts, once a sacred place of mourning, is now a place of corruption, where dark rituals
are practiced, unbeknownst to the world outside..

Survive as a Courier on his first errand to the ominous crypts in this puzzle adventure game. Your main tool to achieve the delivery is a magic torch, which you use to illuminate your path, defend from darkness and solve puzzles.

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Embark on your first delivery mission as a Courier.
But be ready to face more than just a lengthy walk.

Courier walking over the river bridge


Crypts are heavily protected for a reason, so you
will need to be smart in order to pass deadly puzzles.

Courier pushing blocks in order to defend from fireballs


Through decades, new parts of the crypts were built,
while some were forgotten. Secrets are just waiting to be found!

Courier finds a secret place under the stairs.


Dark magic summoned the darkest of creatures from the depths.
Face vicious spiders, magic golems and ancient demons.

Fight between cultists and the Courier

Magic Torch

The main tool to achieve your mission is a magic torch!
Use it to illuminate your path, defend yourself from darkness, and solve puzzles, but be resourceful while doing that.
Flame is a limited resource, which keeps you safe from the dark spirits – it must never run out!

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  • Adventure story never told
  • Over 20 hand-crafted maps
  • Crypt map selection
  • Deadly traps & a lot of secrets
  • Variety of enemies & puzzles
  • Secret maps
  • Torch mechanics
  • Challenging achievements
  • Wonderful atmosphere
  • Map perfection system
  • Crypts shop with perks
  • Arachnophobia filter

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Courier fighting mummies in the ancient crypts
Courier inspecting the place of dark rituals

Spiders are blocking the way to some gold
Statue of a Dark Angle in the middle of the river

Courier sneaking past the dark figure
Courier riding a mining cart while skeleton archers are shooting at him

Courier visiting crypt shop
Crypt Map selecting screen with map nodes

Ambient & Music preview
The game's music and sound effects are designed to deepen the unique atmosphere of the Courier of The Crypts

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Adventure started!

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How can you help?

Courier of the Crypts has being developed since 2012 on the costs of the creator. A lot of hard work was put in to make the best possible experience for you! The hardest thing for the game is to get noticed so if you like what you see, spreading the word around is the best possible way to help the game at this point. Thank you!

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Primoz Vovk

Game Development
Photo of Primoz Vovk

Indie Game developer who does pretty much everything.
Writing code & placing pixels are his favourites!

Zdravko Djordjevic

Sound & Music
Photo of Zdravko Djordjevic

Passionate Sound Designer who likes to play in mud
and old shacks just so he can get some amazing sounds done!