Courier of the Crypts is a 2D pixelated adventure game of exploration and action. Enter the story of a young courier on his first errand day. And who knows, maybe you'll find more than you expected.


Lead Courier through the ominous crypts full of mysteries and forgotten secrets. Regardless of the dangers you'll face you have to make sure the letter is delivered to the guardian of the crypts. Don't be afraid though, for you won't be going alone...

Your best friend is a magic torch which will guard you from forsaken souls and iluminate your darkest paths before you. Be aware though for the torch needs to feed otherwise it's flame will vanish and you may get lost forever.

Will you discover the darkest secrets of the crypts
and finish the delivery?
  • Lots of hand-crafted maps to explore
  • Magic torch mechanics....
  • Deadly traps & rich treasures
  • Perfection system
  • Meet the spirits and buy some upgrades
  • Challenging achievements
  • World map with secret maps to unlock
  • Simple yet appealing story with a twist
  • Music and visuals for omninous ambient
  • Full controller support
  • Beautiful pixelated graphics