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Late 2015



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Courier of the Crypts is a 2D action adventure game where you have to survive as a courier on his first errand to the guardian of the crypts. Your main tool to achieve your mission is a magic torch which you use to illuminate your path, defend from evil spirits and solve puzzles.

Torch mechanics
The main aspect of the game is your magic torch. The environment will react to its flames in different ways so it will be common for you to toggle the flame on and off throughout the game. Some enemies will leave you alone while others will try to extinguish the torch. It's up to you to learn all about them and use that knowledge to your advantage. You can lure some enemies into traps or sneak past them. Will you let Dark Moths drink your light or attack you? There are also riddles in the dark that only the magic flame reveals. Enemies and puzzles should not be your main worry though. You must keep your torch filled with magic flame all the time otherwise dark spirits will come to get you. Use your torch flame wisely and look after the flame.


First concept and idea for the game was born in April 2011, on the Ludum Dare #20 competition. The theme was "You won't be going alone, take this!". In 48 hours I've created this quick and rough prototype of a Courier wielding a magic torch that scares the spiders off. After the competition I’ve left the idea alone until the October of that year. It was an October challenge - make/finish something and earn at least 1$. I created a whole new visual style for the game and added more of the gameplay like throwing flame urns, switches, gold and more. At that point I knew I can do much more from this and my journey began. Through many prototypes and different visual styles I've reached the final form which I'm working on in the last year.


  • Ambiental and carefully hand-crafted maps full of puzzles and secrets.
  • Magic torch - light your path, scare off the enemies, solve puzzles....
  • Deadly traps and rich treasures
  • Simple yet appealing story with a twist.
  • Beautiful pixelated graphics.
  • Music and visuals for perfect ominous ambient.
  • World map with secret maps to unlock.
  • Meet the spirits and buy some upgrades.
  • Perfection system.
  • Challenging achievements.
  • Full controller support.


Courier of the Crypts - Steam Early Access YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie Dev Grant - Bundle in a Box." In October 2013, Courier of the Crypts won the the Indie Dev Grant at the Bundle In a Box by gathering the most votes from the bundle buyers

Selected Articles

  • "Emberheart Games, the Slovenian studio behind this game, might just end up setting a new standard in indie gaming."
    - thre3zekiel - Gamers Sphere, http://gamerssphere.com/
  • "With its wonderful lighting effects and haunting music, it seems almost hard to believe that Emberheart Games is only one person."
    - JOEL COUTURE, http://indiegamemag.com/
  • "To be honest, I think @EmberheartGames is the live proof of what could have happened if MacGyver would be a #gamedev!"
    - Jesús Fabre,
  • "Holy effing popsicles man, this game is coming along amazingly!"
    - Some guy from Twitter,
  • "Courier of the Crypts is one of the best indie games that i´ve played so far this year (2014)."
    - Robin Ek - The Gaming Ground,

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Original Soundtrack
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Courier of the Crypts dev blog
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About Emberheart Games

Emberheart games is a one person indie game studio located in Slovenia. With love, heat and passion, new worlds full of magic and adventures are forged under this banner.

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Courier of the Crypts Credits

Primož Vovk
Lone wolf - Programmer & Designer & Artist & Business, Emberheart Games

Zdravko Djodrjević
Music, Sound Design, Freelancer

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